The Army of Georland

The Army of Georland

Monday, 2 January 2017

Georland enemies - Command

Prussian generals

Prussian and Bavarian standard bearers

I still have to decide what to do about flags. I want to be able to use the figures for Franco Prussian War as well as Georland. It is not so much an issue for the German troops but I need to decide whether to simply use French flags for Georland, or design a Georland flag  and work out a way of alternating these - possibly by converting officer figures which can accommodate different flags and poles by drilling out a hand to receive them.

Georland enemies - Cavalry

The S Range Franco Prussian War list included a number of German cavalry troop types which all can be used for the enemies of Georland. The various units available to me are:

Prussian Cuirassiers

Prussian Dragoons

Prussian Uhlans

Prussian Hussars

Bavarian Chevauleger

Georland enemies - Infantry

Prussian Line Infantry

Silesian Riflemen

Bavarian Infantry

Saxon Infantry (apologies for the blurred photographs)

Wurttemberg Infantry

One of the good things about the Miniature Figurines Franco Prussian War Range was the presence of figures for various of the German States allied to Prussia, mainly for infantry but also including Bavarain cavalry and Wurttemberg artillery. These national contingents give some flexibility when representing the enmies of Georland.

Georland enemies - Artillery

Artillery pieces are by B&B and RAFM. The B&B Krupp gins have split trails, which I don't think are accurate, but I haven't been able to confirm this.

I acquired an Ebay lot of about 25 Wurttemberg gunners hence the over representation of their artillery arm - the first two rows of guns (and first four rows of gunners) in the picture above. In fact the Wurttembergers were the only German in the FPW range.

Prussian and Bavarian gun crews (Bavarians the middle of the three crews). These figures are conversions now available from John Cunningham. Most of the guns in this photo are RAFM. They have single trail carriages but the moulds are obviously well past their prime, with parts missing.