The Army of Georland

The Army of Georland

Thursday, 21 November 2013

1st Afghan war

An Army was ordered to enter Afghanistan as follows

Khyber Force  13 H, A+C/2A, 1/25 1/57 2/45 15 + 10H, S/Engs
Kurram          10 H, D/FA1/25 2/93 MG Junot
Bolan              10 H, 1/40, 2/60, AHA LG Elliott B/2A

Just before this the strength of all Corps had been doubled by transferring half the Corps in the Army to others + all Infantry Regts had an extra B[attalio]n added from late Corps.

The Khyber column was reviewed at Peshawar on 5th Nov 1878 crossed the frontier on 2oth + captured Ali Musjide 21st Nov with a loss of only 90 K[illed] + wounded + occupied Jellalabad by end of month.

The Kurram force having advanced as far as Pengar was checked there 22 Dec with a loss of 400 but on the 27th the Afghan position was carried by a flank assault.

The Bolan column forced the Bolan Pass 30th Oct + occupied Kandahar 27 Dec.

The Amir having fled + died his successor Yakub Khan signed peace at Ghandamuk in April 1879 + the army withdrew from Kandahar + Jellalabad in May. A Native Brigade from India was brought up + occupied the ceded territory in the Kurram + a Resident sent to Kabul.

India was now at peace + the Georland subsidy not being renewed H.I.M. with his forces sailed from India 7th Aug arriving at Georgetown Castle 26 Sept 1879.

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