The Army of Georland

The Army of Georland

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Third Epoch

A band of desperadoes under a leader named Fredrich falling in with the fugitives from the slaughter at Heymers. Fredrich with great skill collected the dispersed survivors, and joining them to his new band, these with many adherents from disaffected districts he assembled and formed into an army of no inconsiderable strength. H.I.M. surrounded by his troops was under the walls of the strong fortress of Biddex, devoting his time in ease + pleasure, not taking measures to immediately put down this rising. It was not till the enemy had reached within 50 miles of the fortress of Nuklehunder, then the strongest in the kingdom, that H.I.M. offered any resistance to the approach of the usurper Fredrich, having taken the title of King Fredrich 1. Into Nukhelhunder were sent therefore a large amount of troops including the Guards + a large convoy of artillery + warlike stores. This force H.I.M. deemed sufficient to defend his dominions.

Owing to a misunderstanding respecting a peremptory order ambiguous + arbitrary between H.I.M. + the Infantry and Cavalry of the Guard, a strong spirit of disaffection prevailed among the ranks. The seductive luxury of the city of Nukhelhunder, who were in communication with the invader, soon to King Fredrich’s side those veteran troops to whom the power of blood + thunder were as nought. H.I.M. hearing of this insubordination and mutinous manifested immediately despatched Colonel Blucher with the Hussars of the Guard (4th) + the Coldstream Guards to enforce the orders + to take military action against those who had been foremost among the disaffected.

The men fearful of their conduct on the approach of Col Blucher shut the gate of the city. Blucher falling back for reinforcements to Cidex, Fredrich and his army appearing before the walls of Nukhel he was joyfully welcomed + hailed as deliverer. The prisoners from Heymers were set free, and Mercury was brought from the dungeons of Nuklehunder to the command of a division in King Fredrich’s army. With this division General Mercury followed Blucher + seizing the village of Littleton made himself master of the whole of the country between Littleton + Nukhel.

On the return of Blucher H.I.M. resumed the Generalship of those forces which remained at Cidex. On the 11th April 1878 he with the greater part of his army passed out of the fortress + crossed the isthmus of Cidex + ascended the plain of Littleton. On reaching the height of the plateau the 11th Hussars deployed + the 20th and 21st Foot extended as skirmishers. The Tower of Littleton Church was soon discovered, but here all further progress ceased. From Nukhel to Littleton a line of troops bespoke the approaching army. In + around the village a very efficient force was massed.

The command of these devolved upon Mercury who had taken up his residence at Littleton Castle. The grand reserve lay within Nukhel under King Fredrich’s immediate command. As all progress to Nukhel would be futile, while Littleton remained in the enemy’s possession, H.I.M. at once attacked that place. A vigorous cannonade upon the village, answered with great spirit by a gun planted at the head of the streets, prepared the way for a grand assault on the village which was successful, although accelerated by the blowing up of a gun killing and wounding many. Mercury being taken, offered his services to H.I.M. which was accepted. The fall of Littleton was followed by the immediate abandoning of his position, it being untenable, not, however, without an attempt to regain the village which was frustrated by the skilful movement of the army at Littleton + a fine flank charge of the 12th Lancers, but this fine regiment was annihilated, five sixths being destroyed. After this attempt he fell back to Nukhel, followed by H.I.M. and the whole army.

A well maintained fire was kept up and cavalry charges decided his retreat.

Fort Resistance an outer battery was stormed + carried by the 7th (now 27th) + a strict blockade maintained. An attempt to storm the Armstrong Battery by DA [Drouot’s Artillery] was defeated by the tremendous artillery fire + charge of the Life Guards. With difficulty the guns were brought off + H.I.M. after decided to wait for reinforcements before making any fresh assaults.  This respite Fredrich occupied in levying fresh troops and reorganising his forces. A strong body of troops raised in the North of Scotland and a new Battalion of Foot Guards were sent out to Nukhel. On the 24th of June these new levies appeared before Littleton in which 2 Prussian Regiments alone remained. The impetuous attack made by the Highlanders + 1st battalion of New Guards was followed by the immediate flight of the garrison.

Having gutted the village, they, on the approach of Mercury with the Mercurian + Napoleonic Guards, evacuated it + proceeded by a circuitous route to the North entrance to Nukhel in safety, As soon as the approach of the Highlanders was known in Nukhel a large sortie was made. The 5th, 1st, 2nd Cavalry Regiments dashed out of the valley, onwards, upsetting all in the way as H.I.M. formed the nearest regiment in one large square. A long line of artillery + infantry (reinforcements rec’d since Littleton) stretched along the left. Between these 2 fires the Reckless Cavalry came on. When within 200 yards of the square the guns commenced firing. A mass of struggling fallen men + horses told how accurate had been the aim.

The shattered Life Guards were at once attacked + flattened by the Heavy Cavalry of H.I.M. the gallant 5th pushing bravely but hopelessly forward met death upon the bayonets of the Coldstream Guards. After this H.I.M. advanced his whole line. The Grenadier Guards, who had followed the cavalry out of Nukhel, unable to withstand the overwhelming force withdrew within the citadel. Along the valley Drouot’s Artillery advanced when half way Mercury at the head of his Guards dashed out to the front, followed by the whole army of H.I.M. in spite of the destructive fire from the Armstrong Battery which mowed the ranks at every fire. The Battery however was at last reached, stormed + taken by DA. Mercury at the front charged with fury the Grenadier + the YB [meaning unclear] Guards. By superiority of force + numbers these brave soldiers were cut down + all would have fell had not Fredrich surrendered to H.I.M.

The scene after this battle was horrific. Never throughout his long experience had H.I.M viewed such a scene of horror + pain. The carnage had been fearful. Within Nukhel the Scotch + Grenadiers lay side by side in the agonies of death. Many were found wasted away with hunger + disease + famine. The bravery + devotion of these troops were such that H.I.M. expressed a wish that they would enlist under his banner. Fredrich therefore induced them to take the oath of loyalty to H.I.M. They were incorporated into his army as the GG/FG + 42nd + 79th + 93rd Highlanders. (How well they kept their oath is shown by their deeds at Firban, Lasterne, Powgen + etc.). For this Fredrich was pardoned and set free. This endeth the Campaign of Littleton.

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