The Army of Georland

The Army of Georland

Thursday, 21 November 2013

X Epoch - 2nd Prussian Invasion of Georland - Relief of Powgen - Formlets

Whilst Viscount Faschel was bravely fighting his way to Georland, H.I.M. was engaged in protecting his territory.

An army destined for the relief of Powgen (which had on the 10th February dispersed a besieging force sent against it) was delayed by the advance of a covering army of Germans some 20,000 strong.

Nothing daunted however, the garrison on the 15th, led on by the Emperor himself, who braved every danger after a hard struggle drove the enemy out of the trenches capturing 600 prisoners, the Eagle of the 75th Prussians 21 guns + immense quantities of military stores. The foe left 2,100 killed and 3,100 wounded whilst the garrison which consisted of the 8th 9th + 45th Regts scarce 4,500 men in all, lost 1,200 killed and 2,000 wounded.

The Imperator joining the army of relief, at once commenced hostilities and on the 20th attacked and drove the enemy, some 17,000 from their position at Formlets where they had taken post.

The village of Formlets was successfully stormed after a hard struggle and the action was decided by one of the most bloody cavalry conflicts on record between heavy Brigade of H.I.M. and a mass of Uhlans some 2,000 strong who were almost annihilated in the end, when H.I.M. who had noted the struggling conflict, rode up at the head of his “Body Guard of Heavy Cavalry of the Guard” and terminated both the fight and the battle for the enemy’s centre being now completely in the hands of the Georlanders they were on every side surrounded and defeated.
The relics of the army fled to Sopy, but H.I.M. who had had only 11,000 men before the action, was left with but 4,100 having lost in the great action of Formlets 1,400 killed and 5,800 wounded being one in every 1½ men killed or wounded.

The heavy Brigade which numbered 1,200 sabres was reduced by the Uhlan lances to but 400.

The Prussians lost 5,400 killed + 9,400 wounded + 1,600 prisoners and left 13 guns + 8 colors in the hands of their adversaries.

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