The Army of Georland

The Army of Georland

Thursday, 21 November 2013

Kaiserisch Campaign

[This is written in a different hand]

War with Fredrichsburg over the Georland Army was brought south to settle a quarrel with an old enemy the Kaiser. An invasion of the valley of the Meltils having been decided upon troops were moved over the border. An insignificant action at Putoru Oct 17th ending as it had begun was followed on the 20th by a battle at the same place. The Georland forces scarcely 15,000 men drove the Kaiserischs in disorder over the Meltils with a loss of 1763 principally in the 50th 51st 80th + 86th Regts. During the action the Georland Cavalry brigade charged with effect capturing 2 colors. Part of the victorious army was despatched to the siege of Maritil 2nd Dec a strong fortress at the mouth of the Meltils the remainder advanced south into Kaiserlich but halted at Cusando for reinforcements who were expected from Georland under H.I.M.

The enemy were not idle for they quickly rallied the fugitives from Putoru + attempted the invasion of Tertsche. They attacked + destroyed a small brigade of Tertschal troops at Veron Nov 6 + marched to the relief of Maritil.

The Georland reinforcements who had just arrived opposed + defeated them at Pont d’Un Nov 12th in which action the Scots Guards, 1st Grenadiers, 21st +23rd Fusiliers + 12thLancers distinguished themselves by their steadiness under fire.

The siege of Maritil had meanwhile been pressed with vigour. Ground was broken Oct 29th, 1st // [parallel] Oct 30th, 2nd// Nov 3, 3rd // Nov 6th. Assault delivered (headed by Hasher MG) Nov 10. Upwards of 2000 prisoners + great stores captured. The 47th 50th + 2/60th Regts suffered most. Maritil captured the other fortresses of North East Kaiserisch capitulated easily after short bombardments by Georland forces.

Dec 1st the Georland Army concentrated at Cranos entered the woods of Arnot led by the C[ommander] in C[hief]. After a terrific struggle the 3rd Division operating on the R drove the enemy out of Arnot. The action was renewed the following day in the pass of Herbert where the enemy were broken + dispersed by a charge of the Cavalry Divn (12, 16, 17 L, 4 + 11 H). After this defeat the Kaiser sued for peace.

The great powers of Focosia now determined to break the up [sic] forces collected by H.I.M.
Peruni + Laros declared war April 1st 1875 and at once mobilized their armies.
H.I.M. ordering up all his troops from Kaiserisch + Georland advanced into Laros with 4 Corps d’Armée. The 3rd Army Corps forming the advanced Guard fell in with the Allied forces at Tarlingen 22nd April 1875.

The action was short + of slight moment as the Georland Regiments were no all up until the following day. On the 4th the whole of the 3rd A.C. attacked + drove off the allies from the heights.

The latter were concentrated about Ungrande. H.I.M. with his 4 A[rmy]. C[corps].s arrived before their position May 7th.

The battle commenced at 6 am by the 3rd Corps attacking the Wentos Wood which after a sanguinary fight was fallen the repeated efforts of the enemy to retake it being frustrated.
The allied forces were retired over Ruolti bridge covered by their cavalry who were successfully charged by the (1st 2nd + 6th D) 2nd Heavy Brigade.

Marshal Mercury who commanded the Left wing now moved the 4th A.C. up to relieve the 3rd A.C. who advanced over Ruolti Bridge.

The enemy now made the grand attempt to break the Georland line + attacked the 2nd + 4th Corps at Wentos with great fury but were repulsed with heavy loss by the fire of the artillery which had come into action along the whole Georland front. Their retreat was the signal for the whole Georland line to advance. The 4th Corps attacked + took Steinforth driving the enemy over the Suma.

Meanwhile the 3rd A.C., which had crossed the Suma at Ruolti, had [not legible] Prussia + destroyed the bridge there crossing the Notteus River.

The Allies retreating from Steinforth were thus cut off + their surrender a prisoners of war ended the action the largest, in regard numbers present, in which the Georland forces had ever been engaged.

200 pieces of cannon + 60,000 prisoners fell into the hands of H.I.M.

The battle completely broke up the confederacy + peace was granted only at the price of unconditional submission and large sacrifices of territory.

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