The Army of Georland

The Army of Georland

Thursday, 21 November 2013

IX Epoch - Larossan Expedition - Wilsaw

After the evacuation of Dulivea by the allies on the 9th January H.I.M. with a part of the army of Faschel followed the retreating foe, pursuing them out of Faschel into Laros where they took post at Lecoppat, but H.I.M. from the smallness of his force was unable to attack them. Being reinforced he followed them again the next day and after a short contest routed them in their position the centre of which the village of Wilsaw commands. The action opened by a feint attack on the enemy’s left during which a column charged up the heights on the right. The 79th led the way but the column being broken by the terrific shower of shot was charged + driven down the heights by a brigade of Faschellans and the 79th 92nd + 93rd Regiments were hopelessly disordered in spite of the gallant endeavours to rally them of their leaders Major MacCully Colonel Cameron + Lieut Col Campbell. But a dark blue line of warriors with their flowing green plumes is ascending the bloody heights their glittering bayonets, firmly grasped, tell, by the rusty stains they bear of former service in the field, not one but was buried in some [unclear] at Powgen Mt Errecey or Ponville. Who are they! Heart! The war cry “Faugh a ballagh” proclaims to the victorious Faschellans that it is the “Connaught Rangers” who pant for the strife, who thirst for their blood, and not the defeated Scot. No the 88th and not the 79th nor 92nd nor 93rd, not led by MacCully, Cameron or Campbell: but by their own leader the brave Mercury Baron Nukhel, Viscount Faschel.

In a trice they won the height + the village of Wilsaw. The Kaiserlich Cavalry overthrown by the 15th + 16th Hussars flee the field +the utter rout of the foe leaves 21 prisoners.

H.I.M. here quitted the army + set off en route for Kaiserlich (see preceding page) leaving Lieutenant General Mercury in command.

The enterprising general at once pushed on for Ungrande the Larossan capital + entered Mincky five days after the battle of Wilsaw January 18th two days after the Kaiser signed the treaty of peace at Eptob January 20th 1874. Leaving the 42nd + 93rd in occupation of several towns + being joined by a number of Larossan prisoners who were banded as the 20th Foot Regiment. LG Mercury entered upon a bold design, that of invading Fredrichsburg from the left. He accordingly set out from Laros + entered Fredrichsburg and after enduring great hardships during the passage of the Mahrattan range arrived safely at Cetoy February 6th.

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