The Army of Georland

The Army of Georland

Thursday, 21 November 2013

VI Epoch - The Fredrichsburg War

Lepolinques - Mount Errecey - Fiskin - Chippinon - Campers - Chapmon - Starper - Fiskin - Ponville

After the Battle of Horpers Sept 27th 1873 the army of the rebels without cannon + in direful condition now but 45 men marched to Fredrichsburg, and were entertained by King Fredrich at his capital Kidde. On the conclusion of the mutiny H.I.M despatched a message to that king demanding the surrender of General Black + all who had lately borne arms against H.I.M. After some vacillation King Fredrich, with the hope of taking H.I.M. by surprise + before his army recovered its strength + elasticity, with the intention of recovering his ancient province of Brodore (ceded to H.I.M. after Lasterne) and wresting from the power of H.I.M. the fort of Routsbach in Tertsche which is a neutral party H.I.M. held; declared war through her protector + supporter King William of Prussia Emperor of Germany who sent Oct 20th 1873 an exorbitant + insolent [ultimatum] to H.I.M. which of course was not complied with. War was now virtually declared, and King Fredrich with hasty + fatal speed despatched an expedition for the purpose of conquering H.I.M.’s Southern province and of taking the capital before H.I.M. who was at Powgen with the army could come + protect them. So secretly was the expedition prepared that it had entered the waters of the Galsher before its presence was known.

But hearing of the force under MG Mercury at Horpers General Blucher who commanded the expedition determined to destroy that officer + his small force before proceeding to the capital. Accordingly the troops were disembarked at Toby, the next port to Horpers, and were immediately marched towards Horpers. BG Mercury however on information of the invasion immediately put his little force on the road to Toby and on the 29th Oct arrived at the Lepolinques and a few minutes later up came the Fredrichsburgans who immediately advanced to the assault. The force under Blucher was 65 Inf 15 Cav and 4 guns. Mercury having called out the conscription, which had been levied but not brought out during the mutiny, had increased his force + now commanded 57 infantry + 12 Cavalry but had only 4 small imperfect howitzers.

On the right the Lepolinques were attacked repeatedly by fresh troops and the 30th Regt had great difficulty in holding their ground till the arrival of the 31st Regt. On the Left the 15th H gave way to the enemy’s horse squadrons of till a magnificent charge of the 11th Huss[ars] cleared the horsemen from the field. At the same time LG Mercury at the head of the 29th 32nd + 45th advanced along the road. The centre which was weakened by the effort on the Lepolinques gave way before the serried line of bayonets and the victory was complete. Blucher retreated + collected the remains of the expedition in Toby. But Mercury quickly followed and the following morning 30th Oct took Toby after a strong resistance with the bayonet. The whole materiel with 4 guns, General Blucher and almost the whole of the army were taken; the transports + fleet which brought them escaping from the scene with a very small remnant of the expedition.

This defeat determined King Fredrick to await reinforcements from Prussia. H.I.M. set to work to reorganise and reinforce his army and raised fortifications about, protecting the great roads of his capital.

Nov 10th a Prussian armament arrived at Capistone, the principal seaport of Fredrichsburg. This was the first of an army of 300 men from Europe. With it also came General Steinmetz + several other noted officers who immediately set to work preparing for the invasion of Georland.

Having induced the governments of Faschel, Kaiserlich + Laros to join their league for the overthrow of H.I.M. + the partition of his country Georland, among them: they immediately commenced active preparations, after sending to H.I.M. a final ultimatum which being the same as the first, was of course unattended to. Therefore on the 17th Nov the heads of the governments of Faschel, Laros + Kaiserlich promulgated a declaration in accordance with that of King Fredrich + the Emperor of Germany which was tantamount to a declaration of war. Immediately a Prussian fleet set sail with transports from Capistone + arrived off Toby on the 22nd November 1873. To protect his kingdom H.I.M. with his Guard (140) lay near Georgetown. Mercury with the army of the north (120) was at Prebat. Of the great roads from Fredrichsburg one only was unprotected. The rest were guarded by Powgen, Judisel, Percy, Prebat, Pelito. On the South Cidex alone protected the Capital, which with Nukhelhunder complete the list of H.I.M.’s protecting walls. Of these the Capital Georgetown was of the first class with its supplementary Nukhel + is almost invulnerable. 

On hearing of the warlike attitude of the other patrons of Hocosia H.I.M. with the Aldesk Volunteers + 13th + 6th Hussars the division which won the battle of Lepolinques left Georgetown + marched southward for Faschel. ­­­­On reaching Bordwib he secured intelligence of the arrival at Sopy of the Prussian fleet + army. He at once embarked the troops for Routsbach + returned to Georgetown. There assembling the service battalions of the Guard he left the city with the army 140 in numbers. Never had the Guard looked so well. Crowds assembled + cheered them on. They left the ­­­­­­­­­allurements for the country fields perhaps for knighthoods or Glory most likely to wet the walls of Percy with their blood or stain the fields of Mount Errecey, Fiskin, Starper + Ponville.

In obedience to orders MG Mercury had left Prebat + had arrived at Percy the night before the Prussians + H.I.M. The Guard arrived on the 26th November 1873. Mt Errecey the key to Percy N was occupied by the Grenadier Guards. Percy in addition to its garrison, the depot battalions 59 +45 sheltered the Scots Fusilier Guards. The Coldstream Guards were at Campers midway between H.I.M. + MG Mercury, who with his army was at Campon with 100 men. General von Steinmetz with the vanguard arrived at Fiskin on the 25th but on the arrival of his main body he advanced against Mount Errecey, where the 1st + 2nd Brigades were extended. H.I.M. with the Scots Fusiliers was ready before they assaulted the Mount + after a vain attempt they were driven down.

But having turned by a skilful movement H.I.M.’s right, Steinmetz again prepared to attack Mount Errecey. H.I.M. ordered up the whole remaining reserves + anxiously awaited the appearance of MG Mercury who was expected to come on the enemy’s rear early in the afternoon but he had not yet come in view. H.I.M. had therefore to sustain 2 fresh attacks on the position at Mount Errecey + the whole of Drouot’s Artillery with the 2 Battalions Coldstream Guards could with difficulty check the advance of the turning force which General Flasher commanded. After suffering an enormous loss, the army of Major General Lord Mercury of Nukhelhunder appeared.

They had marched from Campon, having abandoned the road + left their artillery when near Fiskin which place was filled with Prussian troops, and now appearing suddenly in rear of Steinmetz’s army pressed on with such vigour that the turning force was completely cut off from the main. Before General Steinmetz could change front he was attacked by MG Mercury with the 8th or Irish Brigade at the point of the bayonet and compelled to give way. Being strongly supported by the 5th division under LG’s MacConnal and Campbell the Guards on Mount Errecey rushing down on the [disordered?] battalion the Prussian army was broken + defeated, + Steinmetz drew off his whole force having lost 4 guns, 1 General and 115 men. The turning force being nearly all killed or taken prisoner and in a vain attempt to charge through the Georish line with a Regiment of Uhlans.  Hasher General of Fredrichsburg was killed. Steinmetz was closely followed + driven out of Fiskin + fled to Ponville on the Jonkif where the gunboats of the Prussian fleet prevented any further pursuit + accordingly H.I.M. with his Guard retired to Fiskin.

The army of the north returned to Campon as new evils overshadowed the lustre of the victory at Mount Errecey. Prince Fredrich Karl von Preussen with an army of 200 men had obtained Fort Prebat by a strategic movement and having opened the road for the invasion of Georland was now en route for the seat of war. Having raised a fresh army of 100 men he prepared to annihilate H.I.M. at a blow. For this purpose he marched on Percy south by Ridetown leaving his headquarters at Horpers. Steinmetz was ordered to regain Fiskin + march on Mount Errecey while the fresh army under Generals Black + von der Tann proceeded direct for Campon for Percy. Happily for H.I.M. von Steinmetz advanced too soon for on the 29th Nov. he attacked stormed + tool the village of Fiskin altho’ H.I.M. with the 1st 2nd and 3rd brigades (Guard) held the post, but the 4th brigade (Coldstreams) with DA coming up retrieved the village + the honour + prestige of the Guards.

After mainly attempting to regain the position by a cavalry charge of Uhlans who were driven back by the 1st Life Guards who gave no quarter, their brave Colonel, Brigadier General Herbert, whose renown gained by his broadsword + powerful arm on the bloody fields of Firban Emburg Lasterne + finally but greater at Sopy + Abosot great; having been mortally wounded by a spent bullet at Mount Errecey on the 26th, Lieut Col Lucan succeeded to the command: the Prussians slowly retired, leaving 2 standards, 9 prisoners + 68 killed + wounded on the field. H.I.M. immediately with the greater part of his army returned to Percy where reinforcements awaited him. Having failed in his attempt to seize the bridge at Campers where he had been anticipated H.I.M. was forced to abandon his posts at Campon Fiskin and Campers owing to the advance of Prince Fredrich Karl on Campers.

H.I.M. held the place with the Irish (8th Brigade) + the Scots Fusilier Guards while the retreating army of MG Mercury from Campon passed through for Percy 2nd Dec. An orchard on the left was during the action was taken + retaken by the 27th + 88th Regts. When all had passed his majesty abandoned the hamlet + withdrew toward Percy. Campers was immediately seized + occupied by a body of Prussians + Bavarians under General von der Tann who marched for Campon where he was joined by the army of the north under General Black the rebel who had by the capture of  Prebat which he effected opened a road for the invasion of Georland + gained the command of an army. A division was immediately sent to Fiskin which the Grenadier Guards + BG Cambridge abandoned + Fiskin was also occupied. H.I.M. was to all appearances checkmated; but the time of danger only served to render his genius more famous, to render his glory more bright than that which the world cannot give + which alone gives to him whose brow encircled by that crown, which guarantees the liberty, order, wisdom + justice metes out to his own subjects at once proclaims “Honor et fidele”.

After a close reconnoitre of the enemy line, in which he was nearly taken prisoner by a squadron of Uhlans H.I.M. determined upon immediate action, the Prussian line being too extended.

The Duke of Cambridge with the 1st + 2nd Brigades on the 9th manoeuvred before Campon, which place was immediately strengthened by fresh battalions from Starper where Prince Fredrich had his headquarters.

On the 10th MG Mercury with the 8th Brigade 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards + Scots Fusilier with Drouot’s Artillery, having under him Brigadier Generals Hasher + Drouot proceeded in flat bottomed boats down the river Youkif + effected a landing at Chapnow + drove out the few troops posted there with the 8th Brigade whose leaving to protect the place, with the rest of his force he marched for Starper but was repulsed by the dreadful fire he received. An attempt to break his force, on the part of Prince F was however the means of destroying the Prussian Guard + shattering several other Regts. As soon as Major General Mercury appeared on the field H.I.M. with the 5th 6th + 7th Brigades attacked Starper from the road from Percy.

Prince Fredrich Karl leaving the protection of his Left to his infantry with a Battalion + 2 Regts of Hussars charged furiously down the hill towards the new army of H.I.M. Mercury having reformed the shaken ranks of his troops again advanced on the left of Starper, Brigadier General Hasher with the Coldstream Guards having come on the rear of the village at the same time that Drouot’s Artillery + the Scots Fusilier Guards stormed the heights the place was won + the shattered relics were cut down by the 5th DGs like cattle. In his attempt to overthrow H.I.M. Prince Fredrich Karl was repulsed + he returned for Starper to conduct the retreat which he saw was unavoidable but his return was impossible the hill being in possession of MG Mercury + on the Left the 6th Brigade blocked his escape that way. In the execution of this turning march the 6th Brigade lost its brave Commander MacConnal who fell when leading the 79th, his own regiment. He had distinguished himself at Firban + Mt Errecey and particularly at Aldesk + Abosot * (he was buried at Percy Dec 16th 1873 followed by his own Regt + detachments from the HLI Mercury + Hasher. Capt. McCully of the 42nd succeeded.

Captain Cameron of the 92nd took the command in a very able manner. In his attempt to escape by the Right Prince Fredrich Charles was taken + his Hussars cut to pieces by 6th + 2nd Dragoons + 5 DG. MG Mercury with the 5th + 7th Brigades immediately set off + successively regained Napoleon + Smatsche + on the 14th Dec 1873 appeared before Campon which on his approach was abandoned von der Tann in his attempt on the 5th Brigade at Chapman on the 11th having lost ¾ of his division. With the [remainder?] he rejoined General von Steinmetz at Ponville on the 15th after a toilsome + circuitous march owing to the capture of Fiskin by H.I.M. which was stormed on the 14th Dec by Drouot’s Artillery + the guards. Out of 17 men Drouot lost 13. The Prussian General von Gocken lost 34 killed + wounded + 15 prisoners.

H.I.M. followed to Ponville. Mercury marching through Percy marched on the south of Ponville but owing to no road except that through Toby being able to bear Artillery, he had reluctantly to leave his guns at Prompil from whence he marched on Ponville with his army about 100 men on the 18th Dec. H.I.M. lay before the other side of Ponville waiting the appearance of the army of the north coming on the enemy’s rear. This ruse de guerre he had practised with great success at Mounty Errecey, Harper + Campon. Now again it succeeded to the glorification of H.I.M. + the freedom of his country from foreign invaders. At 11 o’clock on the morning of the 19th Dec 1873 Lieut Genl Mercury attacked the Prussian position at Ponville with the bayonet. The 71st Highland Light Infantry leading the way was shattered by the terrific fire from the town. The 79th headed by their new commander Major MacCully in vain charged on the foe. The Prussian riflemen stood firm + coolly opened fire + the gallant 79th was forced back.

Lieut Gen Mercury hurried to the front + with the 5th + 8th Brigades stormed + took the Battery which mowed down the ranks of the 71st + 79th. The 5th Brigade surrounding the church of Ponville put every Prussian to the sword. The 42nd + 93rd under Lt Col Campbell charged the town near the ridge + forced a body of Uhlans with General von Steinmetz to flee from their death spreading bullets. The lower part of the town was cleared by the 7th Brigade under Major Cameron. In the meantime H.I.M. had attacked the upper half of Ponville + aided by the capture of the Left of the town on that bank by Major General Hasher aided by Brigadier General Drouot with the 3rd + 4th Brigades + Drouot’s Artillery had gained a complete victory and were driving the discomfited foe over the Bridge which they had hardly passed before Mercury + his troops gained the lower + larger part of the town.

They had no recourse but to flee on board their gunboats which protected their disastrous overthrow. When all had embarked the fleet sailed from Toby Dec 20th with but 20 men the relics of that large army that landed only a month before. Great indeed were their disasters having in 28 days lost 2 Generals 480 men 28 guns +7 colours. H.I.M. had also suffered severely having lost upwards of 200 killed + wounded. This ended the first campaign.

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