The Army of Georland

The Army of Georland

Thursday, 21 November 2013

The Riviera Campaign

In Jan 1882 a difficulty between Myjiji and Peruni arose from the entry into Peruni of a det.[achment] 5 DG in pursuit of a body of Perunian rioters who had been working at the Freefisto mines. Some of the 5 DG’s men were imprisoned by the Perunian authorities + as the Govt refused to give them up the Duke of Myjiji in the name of H.I.M. declared war June 28. The enemy mobilized on the line St Pascal – Bridgeport. Mercury organised his troops thus

On 3rd July the enemy crossed from St Roman’s Well driving out a picket of the 4/60 + 1 troop 5 DG for Freefisto. On 20th July G Co RE sank Torpedoes at Fort Abbott + H Co did the same below Stockford on the 25th. On 9th Aug a force (7,000) of the enemy ascended the river in boats to Ford Abbott where they were met + repulsed with slaughter by MG Yeo’s 2nd Divn. The Georland loss was 700 – the enemy over 1000 and all their boats.

On the 25th Sep Mercury attacked the Perunian main army on the Riviera with all his forces. The 2nd Divn took Freefisto crossed in boats to St Roman’s Well the 2nd Bn leading + driving back the enemy on Bridgeport cut off his retreat.

The 1st Divn attacked the houses on the S bank of river opposite Bridgeport + the foe driven out by the 3/60 2/93 + 7 Huss[ars]. An attack on the Bridge led by the 2/51 was repulsed with great loss but a 2nd attempt led by the 31st was successful + the 2/93 gained the Bridge. The JCG?? + rest of the Div. followed. A stubborn resistance was made as MG Yeo’s 2nd Divn having come up + turned the enemy’s flank their retreat was cut off. The town took fire – the bridge blown up by an explosion- both Divns pressed forward – the enemy charged by the Cav Bde, 7H, 12 L, 5 DG + the day was won at a loss to the Georlanders of 5,850.

Next day Genl Yeo pursuing the foe routed them finally at La Check + the 1st Divn stormed St Paschal on 25th. An armistice on 26th was signed at the request of Peruni + peace subsequently ratified on terms advantageous to H.I.M.

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