The Army of Georland

The Army of Georland

Thursday, 21 November 2013


News arriving of a Perunian advance on Georland which had been checked by Marshal Mercury H.I.M. sent at once (Aug) an Indian Contingent from Bombay to Myjiji direct composed of 7 Hussars 3/27 7 BL 5 PI 13 NI 7 MB + followed a month later with 14 Hussars, 2 DH, 5 PH 3 H, B + C Cos S + M (Sappers + Miners), 1/33 1/44 3 HI 8 BI.

On reaching Suez 24 Sep 82 it was found that prompted by Perunian gold, a force of 14,000 Egyptian regulars under Arabi Pasha had seized that end of the canal to block H.I.M.’s passage. The affair was urgent as H.I.M. sending on a small force to force the canal landed with the remainder at 6 pm on the 25th + moved direct on the Egyptian Camp in the hills 3 m W of Suez. His dispositions + movements are shewn in plan. Coming up with the enemy at 9pm the 2/33 drove in his piquets when the Egyptian guns opened fire. Marshal Routsbach with the R Bgde stormed the Rocks 9.30 pm + the Cavl Bgde charged with success under Wilkinson.

The Reserve Bgde at 10 pm was deployed + a general advance, in which the 2/44 was temporarily checked at N summit of hill, retrieved by the 33 * BI + 2/44 at a 2nd attempt resulted in the complete rout of the foe who was pursued + annihilated by the Cavl 10.45 pm.

The troops bivouacked on the enemy’s ground + next day after H.I.M. had extracted a large indemnity re-embarked + resumed their voyage reaching Georgetown Oct after the close of the Perunian Campaign as stated below.

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