The Army of Georland

The Army of Georland

Thursday, 21 November 2013


In Oct 1876 H.I.M. having concluded 25th August a treaty with several Indian chiefs to defend the integrity of their states for a subsidy of Rs [Rupees] 8 laks per month sailed with 8 Cavalry Regiments 30 Battalions 20 Batteries for Bombay. After landing Regiments were despatched to various places in Madras, Bombay, Bengal + Burma.

In August 1877 a Camp of Exercise was held near Ludhiana at which the [list of units] were present.

In Feb 1878 a force of [list of units] under LG Elliott + MG Junot entered the Khyber to punish a refractory tribe. After a successful action at Lalpoor the Khan of that place submitted in March 1878.

In April a rising in Hyderabad was put down by the routing of the insurgents at Koduli by a force of [units are listed] under LG Beresford, MG Benachey + BG Hamley.

After Lalpoor (see above) it was found that the Khan had been supported by Amir Sher Ali of Afghanistan who meditated an invasion into India. An ultimatum was therefore sent to him which he disregarded.

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